Equipment for winemaking

Aspiration system for transporting and crushing stems

Aspirator is used for grapes stalks (stems) transporting with air flow through the pipelines system of big diameter on long distances, pneumatic way.

The working body of the aspirator is the radial fan working by the principle of centrifugal pumps, air together with stems is absorbed in the axial direction, and transfers further in the radial direction.

Operating principle:

The fan driven by electric motor through a direct connection, is installed in the stainless steel case on the transport way of the stems in the pipelines system of different diameters (200-250mm), pipes are usually made of polyethylene. Transportation can be carried out at distances of 50-100 meters.

This type of transportation has a number of advantages – ease of device execution provides ease of maintenance and durability of the design , and also the possibility to install different transportation routes, with the possibility to change the route without significant labor costs for assembly and disassembly of the pipelines system.

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