Equipment for winemaking

Equipment for processing of grapes

Closed-tank pneumatic presses from 3 to 50 tons

Pneumatic presses continuous action combine positive quality as basket and hydraulic presses.


Open-tank pneumatic presses DRAINPRESS “SF 9-24”

Puleo S.r.l. propose a wide range of pneumatic presses with open tank model “DRAINPRESS SF 9-12-18-24” with capacity from 500 to 2000 kg. These presses are used in small wine productions and in small plants for production of high quality wine and champagne


Open-tank pneumatic presses DRAINPRESS “SF 24-150”

Thanks to the advanced soft pressing process, these machines are the most up-to-date system in the world for a high quality wine production.

The “DRAINPRESSES SF” are the pneumatic presses with open tank models “SF 24-150” with capacity from 1500 to 35000 kg. These presses are used in the plants for production of high quality wine and champagne


Destemmer-crusher 3 tons

Destemmer –crusher is completely made in AISI 304 stainless steel, equipped with standard loading hopper with feeding screw. Equipped with centrifugal pump. You can also replace the holed cage and the shaft during the using of other grape sorts, and wash the internal parts of the crusher.


Destemmer-crusher PULEO VEGA 7-10 tons

Thanks to the characteristics and flexibility in use allows you to separate the grapes from the stem and to make crushing, even if the gathering happened mechanically. It has become possible due to the rotation of the cage (sieves) with holes and shaft with blades in one direction, also thanks to the possibility of the shaft change and sieve you can get specific conditions of processing of different grapes sort.


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