Equipment for winemaking

Closed-tank pneumatic presses from 3 to 50 tons

Pneumatic presses continuous action combine positive quality as basket and hydraulic presses.

Pressing happens by using of membrane which pressure on the product, necessary for juice extraction. The tank of the press is made of stainless steel, and is driven in rotation by an electric motor with inverter speed control, that helps to regulate the number of revolutions from 0.5 to 3 rpm depending on the installed pressing program.

On the opposite from the membrane side of the tank there are perforated longitudinal grooves for juice collection, passing through which it gets to the collector for collecting and further moves into the tank, where the juice gathers.

The form of channels for draining in Puleo’s presses is the most optimal design for the best juice exit, this form is also effective for grape mixing with the lowest abrasion. Also in the channels there is the system of holes auto-filtering.

Wide automatic doors (for presses from 7 m3 it can be double) is for loading and discharging.

The presses are equipped with PLC display for easy work of operator and the introduction of processing programs. The sensors installed on the press allow you to control air supply and pressure.

All the presses are equipped with axial loading system, that opening valve can be opened both manually and automatically.

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