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Crossflow (tangential) filters CF

A series of filters with cross (tangential) flow, called “CF”, which allow using tangential flow to have the effect of microfiltration, only one intervention, at the same time achieving transparency and microbiological stability.

These characteristics are without the use of auxiliary substances and additives, excluding the consistent problematic situations related to utilization of these products. Multifunctionality of “CF” filters guarantee at the same time, the permanence of structural and organoleptic characteristics of the product that passes through this technological operation. The main component of the filtering installation, as it is easy to understand, is the filtering membranes having a capillary structure with an open fiber. The diameter of capillaries is 1.8 mm. Membrane is placed in a stainless steel cases, which are parallel in such quantity to reach the required area of the filtering surface. The filtered liquid from the storage tank with the help of a pump feeds into the case of the filter and with the high speed moves along the membranes. The part of the liquid passes through the pores inside the membranes. All clean and filtered liquid is collected from all the membranes and discharged by the pump. The pump, which pumping out the filtered liquid, is periodically switched on for a few seconds in reverse direction, creating hydroblow in the membrane. Due to this, the particles that are settled on the membrane surface, fly from it and are fond of flow of contaminated fluid. Thus the membranes are self-cleaning.

Spadoni’s researches have led to the creation of the optimal design of the filters mounted on the general frame, easy to operate and immediately ready to work without any complications. “CF” filters can be semi-automatic (series “CF-SA”), in this case, the filtration cycle and the washing cycle with backflow work in automatic mode. Or, such filters are required fully automated (series “CF”), where all technological operations from filling to discharging and washing of the filter are controlled automatically.

Both the CF series and the CF-SA series include:

  • The feeding pump (feeding pump and the prefilter) in stainless steel.
  • Recirculation pumps with low rotation speed, but highly productive, completely from stainless steel.
  • Group of pulsed backflush (BACK FLUSH SYSTEM) used for periodic and automatic flushing of membranes during the technological cycle of the filtration with using of the filtered product.
  • Controlling instruments, pressure sensors to maintain pressure PTM.
  • Sight glasses, samplers, flowmeter, thermometer.
  • The control panel with PLC.
  • Pneumatic valves for the automatic control of the back flush process (BACK FLUSH SYSTEM).
  • In addition, automatic crossflow filters, CF series, include:
  • The buffer tank, equipped with level control and automatic feeding system of the product, that operates with the pump.
  • CIP tank for full washing from the pump and the prefilter.
  • System for automatic control of the washing stage.
  • The equipment for control and maintenance of pressure, temperature, productivity, level in the buffer tank and finally PLC system with display “touch-screen”.
  • Full set of pneumatic valves to control all functions.
  • The device for final unloading of the filter.

FTS filters do not need specific washing cycles: simple regeneration with warm water allows you to pass from one filtering cycle to another. Sanitary washing — is carried out by usual alkaline products that can be found in the trade; these products are fully disinfect membranes and restore for 100 % of their features, allowing you to use them for new filtration cycles. The range of our cross-flow filters also includes a series of models for carbonated beverages (sparkling wine, beer, etc.) for products with a high content of suspensions (must, fruit juices, etc). The choice of type, structural dimensions and material for membranes, Meccanica Spadoni went for a few years, and it has allowed to determine the optimal values of pressure and flow rate, to optimize each model of the filter and to reach excellent technical and quality working characteristics with a perfect ratio of price and quality.

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