Equipment for winemaking

Distillation installation with continuous action

Distillation installation with continuous action (type DK – single column, type SK – two column) with a concentration column for receiving cognac alcohol and alcohol raw from wine materials and other alcoholic suspensions

Distillation installation SK with concentration column is used for production of cognac alcohol (62-70%) from wine materials by continuous process.

The installation creates conditions for the production of distillate (crude alcohol) by high concentration – 90-92 %. (depending on initial material).

During distillation of other alcoholic materials (wine yeast, fruit content) – suspensions should be browned. The unit creates opportunities for partial separation of the head fraction (aldehydes and esters) of cognac alcohol and the crude alcohol through the process of epyuratsion (epyuratsion column). Using epyuratsion is created conditions to regulate the chemical composition and purity of the alcohol intended for the production of ordinary and branded cognacs, as well as alcohol and raw alcohol with high concentration.

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