Equipment for winemaking

Hopper for grape receiving

The hopper is designed to receive grapes, equipped with one or two screws; there are different types and dimensions.

Our hoppers are made completely of stainless steel, because it provides less friction between the grapes and the hopper surface in comparison with reinforced concrete hoppers , and consequently less mechanical action on the processed raw material, also decreases the probability of grapes lag on the hoppers walls.

The screw which moves the grapes further for crushing, is made of stainless steel. The big diameter of the screw and increased step of the rounds allows to reduce the frequency of its rotation. The ideal surface processing of the screw during its production at the factory, completely excludes the presence of burrs and sharp edges that can damage the berry.

During the grape harvest and delivery to the processing place by truck on the bottom of containers is accumulated from 20 up to 70 liters of must per 1 ton of grapes. This must during the transportation and unloading washes grapes, being enriched at the same time with pesticides residues and soil particles. If you add this type of the must in the bulk leads to the quality degradation of the final product.

For separation of this must on our hopper-feeders are provided a perforated false bottom (Option) with separate outlet for removing re-oxidized must.

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