Equipment for winemaking

Horizontal vinificator

The horizontal Fermenter is suitable for maceration of white and fermentation of red grapes. With the help of control panel set the interval and mixing speed .

Specially constructed mixing system provides not fast, but efficient mixing, and also an automatic discharge of the tank. The motor reducer provides the slight speed of mixing with an adjustable speed from 0 to 10 revolutions per minute in both directions.

Basic equipment:

  • Upper manhole 400 mm (2 units)
  • Remote control and automatic work (cooling, heating, mixing…)
  • Closed adjustable legs
  • Breather valve
  • Type plate with note card
  • Electric heater
  • Analog thermometer
  • Sampling valve DN15
  • Oval lower manhole
  • Oval upper manhole
  • Cooling jacket – 1 m2/1 m3
  • Ball valve DIN DN32
  • Ball valve DIN DN65 for full discharge
  • Material AISI304/BA (W.Nr.1.4301/IIId)
  • The internal part of the tank in contact with a product – polished

Additional equipment:

  • Thermal insulation of polyurethane foam
  • Caps on the valves with chain
  • Digital thermometer with sound signal
  • Level indicator with diameter16 mm, (closed and opened model)
  • Another size or shape of lower manhole
  • Pump for wine feeding on sprinkling head
  • Ball and butterfly valves – garolla, WG, Macon, GAS
  • Removable sieve
  • Heating jacket
  • Electric heater
  • Cooling jacket 1 m2/1 m3
  • Fitting for inert gas
  • Material AISI316L/BA (W.Nr.1.4404/IIId)
  • Mirror-like internal surfaces
  • Polished internal surfaces
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