Equipment for winemaking

Kieselguhr filter for oil

  • Kieselguhr (Diatomites) filters with vertical plates for filtration of vegetable oil or olive oil. Capacity from 1000 l/h to 35,000 l/h and from 2 m2 to 68 m2 of filtering surface. These filters are specially designed for oil filtration, and have very well proved at plants in Italy, Greece, the Republic of South Africa, etc.

    Standard equipment:

    • The filtering bell and set of pipes of AISI 304 stainless steel, bent and cleaned from the inside;
    • The feeding pump of AISI 304 stainless steel;
    • Frame completely made of stainless steel;
    • Dosing of D. E. (kieselguhr) pump with adjustable flow from AISI 304;
    • Flowmeter, pressure gauges and adjustable valves of stainless steel;
    • Sight glasses, for the best input and output control of the product;
    • The vertical filtering elements, guarantee the stability of the filtering layer;


    • version for foamy liquids
    • contact parts are made of AISI 304
    • additional explosion-proof ADPE
    • pump made of bronze
    • pump made of AISI 316
    • stainless tank for waste products
    • the thermal insulation of the filtering bell
    • Reinforced design for pressure up to 10 bars.
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