Equipment for winemaking

Kieselguhr filter KFA with automatic discharge.

Kieselguhr filters series KFA are used in the food industry for filtration of products such as: wine, beer, kvass, juices, syrups, etc. Filtration process using kieselguhr washed on the filter disks.
These filters can be used in both small and large productions.

Also, these filters are available in special designs for beer and have the following differences from the standard design:

  • special sieves with openings of smaller diameter for beer filtration,
  • special remote stainless steel details between the filter discs,
  • special rubber seals,
  • special pump for beer.

As well as using these filters you can filter the hot product

Complete of:

  • Filters with a filter surface up to 30 m2 can be on wheels.
  • Stationary filters from 10 to 50 m2.
  • Installations are completely made of stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Dosing pump with adjustable flow.
  • Inlet and outlet sight glasses with illumination.
  • Horizontal elements protect the filter layer from damage during short-and even long-term deviation of electricity.
  • The last filter element is used for filtering of the rest.
  • Centrifugal discharge system of the filtration cake.
  • The internal vessel sink with spray nozzles.
  • Easy inspection of the filter elements after removing of the top cover. The drive of centrifugal discharge system is installed in the bottom, for convenient
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