Equipment for winemaking

Kieselguhr filter KFM with manual discharge.

Kieselguhr filters series KFM are used in the food industry for filtration of products such as: wine, beer, kvass, juices, syrups, etc. Filtration process using kieselguhr washed on the filter disks.

These filters are ideal for mini breweries , small plants for the production of kvass, because in addition to the standard versions for wine and juices these filters are available in special design for beer that includes the following differences:
  • special sieves with openings of smaller diameter for beer filtration,
  • special remote stainless steel details between the filter discs,
  • special rubber seals,
  • special pump for beer.

As well as using these filters you can filter the hot product

Complete of:

Compact mobile installation on four wheels (two wheels with blocking, for stability).

  • Frame completely made of stainless steel;
  • Dosing of D. E.(kieselguhr) using pump with adjustable flow;
  • The flowmeter;
  • Sight glasses with illumination, for better control of input and output product;
  • Horizontal, filtering elements, guarantee the stability of the filtering layer;
  • Filtration of residual liquid with sieve, installed in the vessel base;
  • The patented inclination system of the filtration module allows easy cleaning with minimum water consumption;
  • On the DCBL models the filtering module at an inclination is supported by absorbers, a cap (models 3,4,5 and 6 m2) moves along the guide;
  • Optional certificates are issued for pressure tanks, P. E. D., ASME, CODAPE.


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