Equipment for winemaking

Open-tank pneumatic presses DRAINPRESS “SF 9-24”

Puleo S.r.l. propose a wide range of pneumatic presses with open tank model “DRAINPRESS SF 9-12-18-24” with capacity from 500 to 2000 kg. These presses are used in small wine productions and in small plants for production of high quality wine and champagne

These presses are produced with using of all modern technologies, and taking into account all the criteria required by the technologists and operators of this equipment.
The main features are:
  • Draining system through semiholed tank equipped with particular auto-filtering leaks
  • Flexible membrane in alimentary PVC at high resistance of supreme quality
  • The control panel equipped with PLC microprocessor with keyboard terminal, allows to set up the required program of press work.
  • All these models of the presses are equipped with axial loading system.
Model Loading volume not crushed grapes (kg) Loading volume crushed grapes (kg)

Hatch dimension (cm) Weight (kg)
SF 9
500-600 1900-2200 50×42 600
SF 12
800-1200 2500-3000 50×42 750
SF 18
1300-1600 3000-4000 50×42 850
SF 24
1800-2000 3500-5500 60×45 1200
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