Equipment for winemaking

Plate filters FCL with plates 600x600mm

Plate filters are used in the area, where is necessary a high level of clarification or sterilization. These features together with their high hourly productivity are the main characteristics of these filters.

FCL filters are used in the food industry (wine, champagne, aperitif, beer, syrups, oils, juices, vinegars) and also in chemical and pharmaceutical industries .These filters are assembled on a frame, fitted with plastic or stainless plates. The filtering sheets of different porosity, depending on the type of filtration are installed between the plates. D. E. filtration (kieselguhr) is possible by the installation of D. E. frames. The filter can be connected to the dosing installation for the formation of the filtering layer.

These filters allow you to model the filter surface, by changing the number of plates. They can be used for filtration of champagne and sparkling wine, without loss of CO2. They also offer an opportunity to receive in one cycle of a filtration, double filtration of the same product, by means of use of two various types of the filtering cartons (for example preliminary cleaning and clarifying).

Such effect you get when using an intermediate plate for a double filtration which divides a package of plates into 2 sectors, each of which is inserted a cardboard filter for the required degree of filtration.

The main characteristics of such filters are: ease of operation and construction, no moving mechanical parts, they can work with large filter surfaces and with a large increase in pressure, which increases the filtering cycle.

Complete of:

  • the frame and drip collector are made of stainless steel AISI 304;
  • heads (side plates) from carbon steel with a covering of AISI 304.
  • pipes and valves are made of AISI 304
  • double inlet and outlet collectors
  • pressure gauge (manometer)
  • valves and pipelines are made of stainless steel;
  • sight glasses at inlet and outlet of product;
  • manual hydraulic clamp;
  • the filter is designed for pressure up to 8 bars

Options on request:

  • stainless steel AISI 316;
  • reconversion camera for dual filtration;
  • feeding pump;
  • automatic (motorized) clamp;
  • plates of stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316;
  • frames for D. E. filtrations (kieselguhr )
  • plates of “Moplen” with possibility of filtration at low temperature
  • plates of “Polypropylene” for strong alcoholic drinks

Special version for filtration by using of kieselguhr and cardboard.

This filter can be equipped with special frames for filtration with kieselgur washed on the filter-cardboard. Frame is inserted between the one-piece plates and from two sides set cardboard. You can also install the plate for double filtration. This method allows you to increase the resource of filter-cardboard.

One way of filtration

    1. Product gets to the first section of the filter, where is filtering by using of kieselguhr and carton. In this first section there is a fine filtration (Example). The first section includes a set of special frames in stainless steel which is provided the necessary productivity (see figure) for kieselguhr filtration, and a set of one-piece support plates of stainless steel for filter-carton and two end plates made of stainless steel. Frames are inserted between the one-piece plates.
    2. After fine filtration, the product gets into the next part of the filter separated by a special plate for double filtration. In this section, there is a sterile

filtration using filter-carton (without kieselguhr). The second part of the filter consists of a necessary set of stainless steel plates.

  1. The filtered product passed for one cycle and fine filtration and the sterile filtration.
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