Equipment for winemaking

Pneumatic press NIKO HL

Pneumatic presses for pressing of fruits are equipped with special drainage system, which allows highly effective pressing. The press can be used for pressing of any fruit.

NICO Highline is a new group of pneumatic presses. HL NIKO functionality of new units and a fresh design. This group includes drums from 2100 liters to 8000 liters: HL21, HL26, HL32, HL44, HL52, HL60 HL80.


  • the stainless steel cylinder rotation to both sides: left-right
  • quiet vane compressor from BECKER
  • pivoting wheels with double break
  • quiet fan for fast airflow till +0,2 bar
  • quiet fan for vacuuming the membrane
  • axial loading
  • AT automation with touch screen
  • separate manual operation of the press
  • safety cord with interlocks on both sides and at the back of the press
  • big door opening on the cylinder
  • big double sliding doors
  • special design for easy cleaning under the sliding doors
  • power supply voltage 400 V, three-phase
  • declaration of conformity CE
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