Equipment for winemaking

Rotary vacuum filter MQ

Rotary drum vacuum filter suitable for the filtration of liquid substances having high solids content. The filtration system is cleaned mechanically.

This filter allows you to filter in a continuous and automatic mode of the liquid with a large concentration of impurities, as in winemaking and juice production there is a big accumulation of dense settlings. Especially for filtration of such settlings are designed vacuum diatomite filters of drum type. In these filters as the filtering layer is used kieselguhr – perlite. Using of such filters allows you to process quickly different type of settlings, without allowing their accumulation. Practically it can be in the flow.

The construction of the MQ filter is a stainless steel drum, external shell is covered with a stainless grid. The drum is immersed in a bath of stainless steel, in which by means of the screw pump is feeding cakes. On the surface grid is previously washed layer of the perlite with thickness of 8-10 cm. In the construction of vacuum filter there is a special tank for cultivation of perlite suspension with mixer and the dosing pump. Inside the drum by means of the vacuum pump discharge is created, and liquid is exhausted from dense cake. The solid particles adhere to the drum and are cut off by a special blade together with a thin layer of perlite. Almost dry cakes fall from a blade on the belt conveyor and moves into the hopper for utilization.


  • Completely made in stainless steel AISI 304. The filtering screen is in AISI 316 SS
  • Centralized control panel
  • Automatic blade return at the end of the filtration cycle.
  • D.E. tank equipped with mixer
  • Filtered liquid manifold completely separated from the air manifold
  • Possibility of filtering the residual liquid
  • Drum easily inspectable through a manhole
  • Discharge of exhausted cake by means of a conveyor (optional)
  • Filtration tank
  • Vacuum pump cooling system equipped with buffer tank to reduce water consumption
  • Automatic drum washing system (optional)
  • On request, filters can be made completely in stainless steel AISI 316
  • Screw conveyor for the discharge of the exhausted cake (optional)
  • Vacuum pump in stainless steel AISI 316 (optional)
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