Equipment for winemaking

Tanks for fermentation and storage

The fermenter (vinificator) is used for the fermentation of red and white grapes, and also for wine storage.

The sieve which is built in tank (on all height of tank) allows to separate solid substance and to make circulation of wine. By means of the pump, product gets from the lower part of the tank, and moves on the special sprinkler at the top of the bottom of tank which effectively wets the entire surface of the supernatant pulp.

Basic equipment:

  • Upper manhole 400 mm
  • Flat bottom with elevation 5%
  • Sprinkler HELI
  • Demountable sieve
  • Closed legs
  • Breather valve
  • Type plate with note card
  • Support for ladder
  • Level indicator with diameter16 mm, (open model)
  • Demountable pipe for level indicator
  • Analog thermometer
  • Sampling valve DN15
  • Oval lower manhole
  • Cooling jacket – 1,0 m2/1 m3
  • Ball valve DIN DN32
  • Ball valve DIN DN65 for full discharge
  • Pipe for sprinkler with DIN DN32 fitting
  • Material AISI304/BA (W.Nr.1.4301/IIId)
  • The internal part of the tank in contact with a product – polished

Additional equipment:

  • Cap with chain
  • Digital manometer
  • Level indicator with diameter16 mm, (closed model)
  • Another size or shape of lower manhole
  • Ball and butterfly valves – garolla, WG, Macon, GAS
  • Adjustable legs
  • Closed legs
  • Slope fitting for mixer
  • Decanter
  • Another shape of bottom
  • Jacket for heating
  • Electric heater with bath on bottom
  • Cooling jacket 1 m2/1 m3
  • Fitting for inert gas
  • Material AISI316L/BA (W.Nr.1.4404/IIId)
  • Mirror-like internal surfaces
  • Polished internal surfaces
  • Spoon bottom
  • Remote control and automatic work of tank (cooling, heating, pump…)

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