Equipment for winemaking

Wine and cognac stabilization (ultracooler)

Ultracoolers were designed for cooling of grape must, juices, wine and cognac before freezing. All offered models are designed and manufactured according to the most modern criteria to function properly with the minimum energy consumption in the production process. . Most of the coolers produced by MECCANICA SPADONI made in monoblock version on a strong frame with wheels, taking into account the dimensions and weight of machines.

These machines with a capacity from 500 l/h to 13,000 l/h at a cooling temperature to minus 18 degrees. Suitable for the stabilization of wine and cognac, followed by feeding to the tank and endurance at the required temperature. Only one pass ultracooler can reduce temperature product to -18 C.

Also, these machines can be used on the circulation of wine or cognac through the tank. When the temperature in the tank will rise above the setpoint, the ultracooler will automatically turn on.

The method of shock freezing of wine and cognac, has a well effect on wine quality, and accelerates the process of tartar settling. At shock freezing we have oversaturated solution of salts of wine acid which in this phase begin to form crystals, and to accelerate the falling of wine stone (tartar).

Main features of refrigeration units:

  • the heat exchanger-evaporator with direct injection of coolant
  • the shaft with scrapers which is built in the heat exchanger- evaporator
  • air condenser
  • the semi-hermetic or hermetic compressor (on request)
  • the advanced components installed on machines and process control.
  • in the heat exchanger there is a coolant (R404A or usual R22) that expands and cools liquid (wine, juice, a must, etc.) which we intend to process.
  • the evaporator is completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel, outside insulated by a covering of polyurethane.
  • the scrapers rotating in the cylindrical heat exchanger-evaporator have liquid mixing function (wine, juice, a must, etc.), during the cooling process, to increase heat exchange. These important components (scrapers) installed on mechanical shaft are equipped with wear-resistant blades (they are made of special PVC material, permitted in the Food industry), which guarantee continuous cleaning of metal

the surface of the heat exchanger from the formed crystals, ice and solid particles in general, making this type of machine, especially suitable for cooling liquids (such as wine), containing high percentage of solid particles.

The scrapers are made of stainless steel AISI 304 and the drive from the motor reducer. The air condenser (consists of copper tubes with aluminum fins) allows to take away the heat, that were received during the liquid cooling.

The condensers can be installed directly on the refrigeration unit that is more compact. If the air condenser in its dimensions is very large, it can be installed separately from the main module and supplied with system of remote control.

Cooling capacity
Compressor power
Scrapers drive power
Machine weight
 Kcal/h  kW kW
L x W xH Kg
 (+15 С,- 5 С) (+25 С, +15 С)
 9.500 15.000 1 x 5.5  0.55 1750x750x1700 400
20,000  21.000 34.000 1 x 13.5 1.5  2400x1270x1800  700
 31.000 51.000 1 x 20  3  3800x1270x1800  1050
 38.000 61.000  1 x 27  3  3800x1270x1800  1150
 48.000 75.000 1 x 30  4 4800x1270x1800  1450
62.000 102.000 2 x 20  2 x 3 3800x1700x2100  1750
 76.000 122.000 2 x 27  2 x 3 3800x1700x2100 1950
97.000 150.000 2 x 30  2 x 4 4800x1700x2100 2550
120,000  130.000 200.000 2 x 37.5  2 x 4 4500x2200x2100  2600
 160.000 250.000 102  11 4500x2300x2250  3700
 260.000 400.000 150  12 9000x2200x2100  5200
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